Royal Newcastle Aero Club

Recreational Pilot Certificate

RNAC now offers training for Recreational Pilot Certificates

Recreational Pilot Certificate allows you to:

  • Fly a two seat recreational registered aircraft in uncontrolled airspace during daylight hours within 25 nautical mile of your departure aerodrome.
  • Use a Driver Licence self-declared health standard.
  • Take a passenger when endorsed to do so.
  • Fly further in uncontrolled airspace with an additional Navigation endorsement.
  • Fly in good weather conditions (VMC)

Compared to recreational flying, a Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) adds:

  • Fly aircraft with more than two seats up to 1500kg Take-off weight and additional passengers if you hold a Class 2 Medical.
  • Flying in controlled airspace
  • Use a GP issued Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner – Certificate (RAMP-C) medical
  • Fly aerobatics (extra training required)

Or, with a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or higher licence

  • Fly at night (with extra training beyond the PPL)
  • Fly on instruments / in cloud (with a lot of extra training)
  • Use a CASA issued Class 2 Medical Certificate
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