Aircraft Hire Rates and Conditions

(Rates subject to change without notice)
Fuel Included
Per Hour Rates inc. GST Effective 7th Apr 2022


Aircraft Hire

Instructor + Aircraft


Instructor + Aircraft


Instructor + Aircraft


Cessna 152





Cessna 172





Piper Archer





Cessna 182





DH-82 Tiger Moth





Private Aircraft Hire Non-Members $132.00 (additional)
Ground Theory Rate $100.00

Conditions of Hire

  1. Private Hire for Members Only
  2. Aircraft rates are calculated at VDO clock times unless otherwise noted
  3. Fuel purchased by hirer refunded at Maitland litre bowser cost
  4. The hirer is responsible to return a serviceable aircraft


The above rates are subject to full payment on completion of hire period

Ground Theory

This charge is applied for each part of an hour for ground theory

Flight Tests and Flight Reviews

The rates vary according to the relevant flight but are available during office hours

Advanced rate for Rating and Endorsements – Nights VFR, Formation, Charter etc. Please talk to an Instructor for more information