Royal Newcastle Aero Club

Learn to Fly

Royal Newcastle Aero Club offers flight training for Recreational, Private and Commercial Pilot levels as well as advanced training including Night Flying and Formation Flying. We also offer Design Feature Endorsements such as Tail Wheel, Manual Propeller Pitch Control, Retractable Undercarriage,
Gas Turbine and Pressurisation.

Situated on the New England Highway at Rutherford, Russell Field is privately owned and has large bitumen sealed runways with a challenging grass cross strip.  Our training area covers some of the Valley’s most beautiful bushland and countryside.

You can begin your pilot training at the Recreational level and progress to pursue a full career in aviation.

An average student will generally qualify for a Private Pilot Licence after approximately 55-60 hours.  At RNAC your instructor will make every effort to keep your budget on track with regular progress reports to project expected outcomes.

Our current Aircraft Hire rates can be found here. Hire Rates

Royal Newcastle Aero Club operates 5 days per week (Wed-Sun) and encourages you to take your first step to achieving your aviation goal by taking a Trial Instructional Flight.  This is a thirty minute flight where, after a pre flight briefing, you take the controls of the aircraft.  This is where you ‘get the feel’ of flying a light aircraft, and in a relaxed atmosphere you can ask your instructor all the questions you have about learning to fly. It is that easy!