Royal Newcastle Aero Club

Terms and Conditions

The Royal Newcastle Aero Club is a public company, a club, a public space, a training organisation and an aviation hub for a variety of commercial companies and private operators. That being said, a number of standard protocols need to be followed…

  • Visiting Aircraft are welcome, however, landing fees apply to all aircraft including Gyro’s and RA.   


All Aircraft Operators must exercise a high level of Airmanship at all times. Being situationally aware is a must. Have a clear understanding of the impact of your actions on others. Comply with all aviation rules, regulations and standard practice as required by CASA, ERSA and any applicable NOTAM.

All Aircraft Operators need to be “Concessional” and “Mindful” regarding trainee pilots. Low hour, inexperienced pilots, first or second solo pilots, trainee pilots often use the airfield under instruction or test.

All Aircraft Operators will at all times use radio calls in the circuit at RNAC. All Aircraft, unless operationally unsafe, will declare their position on “Base”. All Aircraft Operators are required to use their legally assigned aircraft registration as their call sign.

  • Bogus, illegitimate or substitute” call signs are not permitted.


All Aircraft Operators need to be aware of the Community Operational Undertaking, COU. This document sets out community and council understandings regarding the Airfield use and other specific agreements.

Please see further details via the Blue Buttons on this page.