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Multi Engine Aeroplane Rating (MEA)

A multi engine endorsement also referred to as a multi engine class rating is designed to train pilots in the operation of an aircraft with more than one engine.
The most common aircraft for getting a twin engine endorsement are the following:

  • Beechcraft BE76 Duchess
  • Piper Comanche PA30
  • Piper Seminole PA- 44
What is Required for a Multi Engine Rating?
  • As a minimum, you must have completed your private pilot licence (PPL) before you can complete the multi engine class rating aeroplane endorsement.
  • Some pilots choose to do a constant speed unit CSU endorsement on a single engine aircraft like the Cessna 182T before transitioning to a twin where they complete the retractable gear endorsement. Or have a Manual Propeller Pitch Control (Piston Engine) Endorsement where no training will be required.
PRE-STUDY MATERIAL – Multi-Engine Command Rating (MECR)
  • Understanding the normal, abnormal and emergency procedures applicable to your aircraft is fundamental in completing your multi rating.
  • Along with the systems and performance characteristics stipulated in the Aircraft Flight Manual & Pilots Operating Handbook (POH).
  • Complete the CASA multi-engine aircraft endorsement questionnaire is the first step before the practical flying component for the particular training aircraft.
  • Manual Propeller Pitch Control (Piston Engine) Endorsement
Royal Newcastle Aero Club Flight Training Tiger Moth Joy Flights
Royal Newcastle Aero Club Flight Training Tiger Moth Joy Flights
Why Choose Royal Newcastle Aero Club
  • RNAC has been training Pilots since 1928
  • Maitland Aerodrome has been the home for RNAC since 1960 over 60 years. Royal Newcastle Aero Club owns and operates Maitland Aerodrome.
  • Our proximity to Newcastle Airport a Military/Class C airspace and close proximity to Tamworth and Bankstown Aerodromes Class D airspace, gives greater exposure to a real life commercial aviation environment when exposed to a military, RPT and corporate aviation.
  • We offer a variety of aircraft to conduct multi engine training in.
  • You can choose from a basic trainer for the initial rating or for those more experienced a twin engine high performance endorsement.
RNAC Multi Engine Flight Instructors
  • With instructor’s focused solely on multi engine and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), take advantage of their experience and knowledge.
  • Our multi engine instructors have worked within many facets of commercial aviation use their knowledge to assist you in your future endeavours within aviation.