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In our 91st year of flight training, Royal Newcastle Aero Club introduces a cost-effective packaged rate for those students wanting to either become a pilot or just to learn the basics of flying.  This package is also ideal for the “pinch-hitters”, such as pilot’s partners or friends, or those just wishing to gain an understanding of the flight process.  We like to call it ‘The Starter Pack’.

This package follows on from your Trial Instruction Flight, and packages the ab-initio (from the beginning!) flying sequences, that includes the first 5 flight lessons.

The five lessons within the package are: –

  1. Effects of Controls – how the major flight and ancillary controls work
  2. Straight and Level – how to fly in a constant direction at a constant altitude
  3. Climbing and Descending – how to fly in a constant direction whilst changing altitude up or down
  4. Turning – how to fly medium level, climbing and descending turns
  5. Stalling – it’s about safety, what a stall is, its signs and symptoms and simple recovery process.

Each lesson within our Starter Pack includes: –

  • Pre-flight briefing – explaining the aircraft controls and what you will be doing for the flight.
  • Pre-flight inspection – your instructor explains the aeroplane checks are made pre-flight to ensure safety is at the forefront of our operation.
  • Take off from Maitland Airport and fly south into our designated training area and go through go through the nominated lesson under the guidance of one of our experienced flight instructors.
  • Fly back to Maitland Airport for landing.
  • Take part in a debrief of the flight where your instructor will be able to answer any questions about the lesson just completed and what to expect in the next lesson.

The Starter Pack lessons are available 7 days a week of course weather permitting.

To book a Starter Pack at our Base at Rutherford Airport please contact the office at Rutherford Airport on 02 49 328888

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Experience the thrills of flying in an open cockpit whilst enjoying the delights and nostalgia of flying, as they did, in days gone by.

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