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Cessna 182T

RNAC have a Cessna 182T – VH-VMR.

The Cessna 182T is a four-seat, Constant Speed propeller fixed tricycle gear general aviation airplane, primarily used for Commercial flight training, Private Hire and Cross Country navigation. Probably one of the most commonly used aircraft for touring throughout the world.

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General Characteristics

Engine Manufacturer: Avco Lycoming
Engine Type: Engine Model: TIO-540-AK1A5-3
Rated Horsepower: 230 BHP at 2400 RPM
No. Cylinders: 6
Fuel induction: Fuel Injected


Voltage: 24V
Battery Location: baggage Compartment Wall

Fixed Undercarriage
Main tyre pressure: 42 psi
Nose tyre pressure: 49 psi

Fuel & Oil
Type: Avgas 100/100LL
Total Capacity: 348L
Useable Capacity: 330L
No. Tanks: 2 (conventional ‘wet wing’ type fuel tanks)
No. of drain points 12
Oil Capacity: 5-9 Quarts (Min: 5 Quarts)


Airspeed limitations
Vne: 175kts
Vno: 140kts
Vso: 41kts
Vfe: 140kts (Flap 10 Deg)
Vx: 65kts
Vy: 82kts
Vglide: 75kts
Max XW: 15kts (TKOF)
Max XW: 15kts (LDG) (Demonstrated XW)