Australian Light Aircraft Championships 2018

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Royal Newcastle Aero Club will be hosting the Australian Light Aircraft Championships (ALAC’s) in March 2018.

This is an event where Aero Clubs and affiliated Flying Schools come together for friendly competition in events such as aerobatics, streamer cutting, forced landings, spot landings and formation flying.

The ALACs will be held from Thursday 22nd March till Saturday 24th March. We are currently in need of volunteers for the event particularly for the competition days , Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March, acting as Ground Marshalls, Assistants for judging Spot Landing and Forced Landing touchdown targets. This is our biggest challenge as the Friday is a business weekday. Please register your availability to assist either for a half day, or full day on either or both days. The club will provide water and sustenance while you are on the field. Please register your availability with reception on 02 4932 8888 or email

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